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About me and my Channel,

Hi everyone, my name is Eva and this is my new channel. I have created this channel to share YouTube videos about building Sims 4 that are not only helpful but also entertaining.

 I enjoy the Sims 4 building program because it is my passion.  As a matter of fact, there’s a quotation that goes “Immerse yourself in what you love”.  Indded, this is what I love.  

 For that reason, I build homes for your sims as a hobby and as an addition I started making YouTube videos.  So, come and see my work at the Gallery Origin ID: eevam   For more information about my fully decorated homes click here.  So, in this website you will find part of my work at The Sims 4.

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Come and look Inside a number of empty Homes available for you to Decorate.

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What is happening with my work?

Above all, for this 2020 I will try to be consistant on making YouTube videos.  Certainly, I welcome your feed back and any other suggestions.  

Of course, I don’t want to lose touch with the Gallery.  I know many YouTubers have no contact with the Gallery, I want to avoid that, because The Gallery is the place where you have more interaction with “you” Simmers.  Get to know me.

Come meet me up Close,

I am devoted to delivering the finest possible designs as well as YouTube videos.
YouTube videos by eevam

Sea-side Paradise

YouTube videos by eevam

Mini Starter

YouTube videos by eevam

7 Tips

YouTube videos by eevam

Mini Starter

Homes that you can find on my YouTube Videos,

Lot 20 x 20

I wanted to create a small house with a huge open terrace at the front, to illustrate, like a high up ‘mirador’.  Both interior and the roof work were one of my main focus.  At YouTube videos.

YouTube videos by eevam
YouTube videos by eevam
Lot 30 x 20

Another example of my work to detail is this house. As well as focusing on the roof and layout, also the use of natural colours, gave this feeling of a strong connection with the sky and sea.

Lot 30 x 20

Welcome to my first Video! Today I am showing you my top tips on this Modern House.  During, YouTube videos.

YouTube videos by eevam

Along with each YouTube video, I have been writing about the process as well as complementing them with photogaphs.  Certainly, all this is to give you as much information as possible, in other words, to help you to understand my methods.

No cc Paintings for The Sims 4,

More & More, extra!

In addition, if you are interested in more boxes you can have the ones I made for Christmas, all this is art in game. Similarly, altogether with children’s pics too or for inspiration look inside rooms.  Generally, to read about more paintings click this link

My work with Fresh Paintings

Fill my Empty Homes with your style, your own taste plus some of the paintings that I provide myself. Above all, Have some fun.

A little track of one of my YouTube videos          

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Mini Starter

Also, see my speed build YouTube video of “Mini Starter” as an example of my work as a whole.  In this case you can see the above floor plan photographs.

Ground Floor

The Sims 4 speed

First Floor

The Sims 4 game


The Sims 4 home

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No cc Paintings

Beautiful and delicate paintings full of colour. Certainly, art in game has to be as good as in real live.

Empty Homes

Choose where your living room will go. Also, choose how many bedrooms you need or...

Design and layout

Meanwhile, read about my work coming from a game player builder.

Decorated Homes

Equally, homes in your game where all is done for you, with a combination of design and comfort. Of course, some of this homes are in my YouTube videos.

eevam pics

Similarly, read about me and my work, meet me up close.

Maxis Curated EA

Not only I thank Maxis, but also to all my friends ♡ This home is also in my YouTube videos.


Not only this creation is calm and comfortable but also

modern and slick………