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The Sims 4 creations for your game by eevam.

The sims 4

Hi everyone!    Indeed, your dream home for your game The Sims 4 is here.

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I thank you for all the beautiful comments and support.

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About me


ORIGIN ID: eevam


two different accounts for two different purposes.

The Sims 4

Origin Ea

All the paintings at the Sims 4 for me are essential.  As an illustration, beautiful wall pieces working in harmony with your rooms as well as adding some texture to your walls. 

Similarly, I enjoy making my houses with a practical and an easy layout.  Not only to help your household find their way around but also for you to master the space available.  Above all, I like creating homes that have a warm and cosy atmosphere, together complete with gardens and terraces.  All of it at The Sims 4.

30 +

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Certainly, go after your dream home, because it enriches your game experience.  Above all, enjoy having some extra colour with paintings or an easy lay out to play with your Sims.

About me
and my channel

Basically, I enjoy the Sims 4 building program because architecture it is one of my passions.  As a matter of fact, there’s a quotation that goes “Immerse yourself in what you love.”  Indeed, this is what I love.

In addition, I have created this channel to share YouTube videos about building, they are not only helpful but also entertaining.  And it has become an enjoyable hobby too.

I am devoted to delivering the finest possible designs as well as YouTube videos.

Further, along with the Sims 4 videos, I have been writing about some of these houses, menu section ‘blog’,  complementing them with photographs.  Certainly, all this is to give you as much information as possible about my work and to help you to understand my methods.

"Home isn't a place, it's a feeling"

Dream home creations for the Sims 4, the best experience ever. Sims 4.

For example, “This Sims 4 Speed Build tutorial will show you how I create in Stop Motion this home 30×30 at NewCrest, including two tours at Sim eye level around the house.” A home where your grown-up Sims children could also have their own space.


About me

I studied and worked in Spain on product design.  Therefore I am always very keen on detail. 

Additionally, I am currently living in UK and working as a landscape designer.  Most importantly, I have always had a passion for architecture.

Especially, I found the Sims 4 building program very cool and fun to work with.  So I started building homes for Sims as a hobby.  Come and see my houses and creations at the Gallery EA.  Certainly,  every one of my homes is different and unique, an exclusive design with a functional layout to give you an easy flow, as well as plenty of light and airy rooms.

In addition, I also introduce into the game some paintings, imported by my Sim-artist, so you, my friends, can give your Sim’s homes and rooms extra colour and sophistication.

Where to find me at the sims 4.

Now, I invite you to come and explore my EA Gallery in Sims 4. 

Firstly, I have two accounts, eevam is probably three years old, here you can find a little bit of everything.  Not only you will see houses but also paintings and even Sims.  My second account, eevamM, is where I store paintings that are not shown in my previous account anymore.

Secondly, I thank you for all the love and support you have been giving me all this time.



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