Sims 4 homes

Your Sims 4 homes Design and Layout

Each of these Sims 4 homes has a different design.  In particular, building and decoration has been carefully crafted as a result of wanting you to have the best.

Download your ‘Sim File Share’ here.

Above all, enjoy your game in these beautiful lots, all are polished and homely.  In some cases, a perfect fusion of old-meets new throughout my creations.

Additionally, my designs are strongly influenced by colour, texture and pattern found in traditional and contemporary living.  Of course, all of this is for the sims 4 homes.

All downloads from this website are from ‘Sim File Share’. 

Once you have downloaded your file, open the zip file, copy and paste in Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Tray .


sims 4


♡ Base Game Starter under 8.000, in the smallest and cheapest lot 20x15. Very basic but all your Sim needs to start, plus with 12.000 simoleons left for you to buy the lot and any extras you want to have. Enjoy my friends!

Lot Type: Residential  7,995 S    Lot 20×10  1Toilet   1Bedroom



♡Happy Simming friends, enjoy this modern home for your whole Sims family, especially decorated for your Christmas. Three double bedrooms and lots space for everyone, gardens and terraces as well as a feature rockery at the front. Enjoy!! ♡

Lot Type: Residential    306,541  S    Lot 40×30 3Toilets   3Bedrooms

sims 4 homes

Rose Petal Cottage

♡ Presently a modern family home on two floors with 3 double bedrooms, easy layout, separate and open kitchen surrounded by a soft and relaxing garden, pool, BBQ and a top terrace♡ ♪♬ Enjoy my friends!

Lot Type: Residential  169,092 S    Lot30×20  2Toilets    3Bedrooms

sims 4 homes

20 x 15 Sweet Home

Enjoy this small lot, a charming two double bedroom house on two floors build in Mt. Komorebi in the neighborhood of Senbamchi, where the warming afternoon Sun peeps through the livingroom, bedrooms and terraces at the back. Enjoy my friends! ♡

New 2022, lot Type: Residential    99,002  S    Lot20×15 2Toilets   2Bedrooms

the sims 4 by eevam

EMPTY 30 x 20

♡ Spacious and modern home for the whole family. Enjoy decorating and playing in this airy home. If you like the lights, toilets and outside furniture then ♡ Press Furnished ♡ when you place this lot in your game. Enjoy!

Another lot Type: Residential    41,461  S    Lot30×20 2Toilets    4Bedrooms


A lot of fun has gone into this one. I truly recommend it ♡ Second bedroom currently an office but easy to convert it into a toddler's, teen's or as a guest bedroom. Two terraces on the second floor and a little balcony to look out and check the sea views from the living room.

So, lot Type: Residential    318,263  S    Lot30×20   1Toilet   2 Bedrooms

Mini Starter

Lot 20x20 'Mini starter'

♡ Small and cute home, very modern, stylishly decorated with two bedrooms, open plan kitchen, one bathroom and various terraces for your Sims to enjoy the outside.♡ ♪♬ Enjoy!

Still small, lot Type: Residential    146,424 S    Lot20×20 1Toilet    2Bedrooms

ts4 by eevam

This is a 30x20 º° Eco Retreat °º

♪ Spacious three bedroom home, gorgeous kitchen with three receptions rooms. Lots of space to put all the equipment from ♪♬ Eco Lifestyle.♡ Enjoy! ♪♬

Lot Type: Residential    237,636 S    Lot30×20 2Toilets    3Bedrooms

sims 4 by eevam

Sim File Share .CRESCENT MOON.

♪ Watch out your Sims need to go through the entrance bridge to enter this medium three bedroom family home as well as having an ample open-plan kitchen. In the evening, I like to relax, for instance, I enjoy looking after my crops and chill out in the fresh air. Therefore, I give you spacious gardens front and back, you also have a garden room and a greenhouse in this lot♡ Enjoy! ♪♬

Lot Type: Residential    218,101 S    Lot30×20  2Toilets    3Bedrooms


Lot residential 'SEA BREEZE'

Whether inspired by the sea side or the country side from 'Windenburg', this is a home to share with some friends as well as two couples. Equally as a starter for a family (children's stuff not provided) Spacious and airy with two bedrooms en-suite. Enjoy an invigorating stay my friends and followers! ♡

Lot Type: Residential   296,747 S    Lot30×20  3Toilets    2Bedrooms

sims 4 by eevam


Equally important are Base Game creations, this home in a 20x20 Lot. You are having two pools and three double bedrooms as well as a huge kitchen. I gave you extra garden space by lifting the floor plan, so your Sims can walk, swim and relax outside the house. Above all, enjoy my friends! ♡

Lot base game

Lot Type: Residential  207,967 S    Lot20×20  2Toilets   3Bedrooms

sims 4 homes

Lot design: 'AQUA MARINA'

Basically, a large three bedroom family home with an open entertainment layout and a separate kitchen. Certainly, today I am making a very modern house. In addition, experimenting with transparent pools. This home also has two spacious terraces and a big back garden with BBQ, Sauna, Hot Tub and vegies. Enjoy! ♡

Lot Type: Residential  232,917 S    Lot30×20  2Toilets    3Bedrooms


Lot Residential 'Beach-side Paradise'

Above all, many thanks to Maxis it's fav ♡ This large home with four bedrooms, media room, music room, spacious kitchen leading to several terraces and decks, adding a valuable outdoor living space where you can chill out, because it is built in 'Sulani'. Enjoy my friends! ♡

Lot Type: Residential  191,122 S    Lot30×20  3Toilets    4Bedrooms

eevam empty lot

EMPTY Lot 107

Altogether, this is a spacious and a modern home for the whole Sim family. Particularly, enjoy decorating and playing in this airy home. If you like the lights and outside furniture then ''Press Furnished'' when you place this lot in your game.♡

Lot Type: Residential  168,848 S    Lot40×30  2Toilets    4Bedrooms


6 Bed Modern Minimalistic

This house is minimalistic, so you can add any favourite items to it. Very Spacious home having a chic kitchen open to the back terrace, a cosy reception-living room with it's own bar. All the bedrooms are generous including the toddler room. Welcoming garden at the front and an intimate garden at the back as well as a covered pool. Enjoy! my friends

Already on my Gallery,  Lot Type: Residential  130,330 S    Lot  30×20  2Toilets    6Bedrooms


sims 4 homes ♡ LARITA

Family Home with three reception rooms, two office desk spaces, three bedrooms and several outside terraces and decks ♪♬ Come to my YouTube Channel to see this house being built with a time lapse technique in Granite Falls. Enjoy !

Lot Type: Residential  220,456 S    Lot30×20   1Toilet    3Bedrooms

Lot 20x15 Villa_4 bedrooms

Large and spacious family home built in ♡ Wakabamori. This time, it was my own challenge of making an easy and comfortable home in such a small space. ♡ ♪♬ Enjoy!

Lot Type: Residential    135,800  S    Lot20×15   2Toilets    4Bedrooms


Topiary House

In this case, a traditional style home with two bedrooms upstairs. Also with an open plan living space downstairs surrounded by a porch outside. At the same time, it's all furnished with a gym room in the gazebo together with a pool in the basement. ♡ ♪♬ Enjoy!

Lot Type: Residential    258,721 S    Lot30×20   3Toilets    2Bedrooms



♡ Consequently, inspired by one of my favourite cities 'Barcelona' Modern Family Home on two floors, with an open plan kitchen leading to a glamorous deck to chill out in the evenings. Separate office with two living rooms on each floor, including spacious bedrooms and bathrooms.♡ ♪♬ Enjoy my friends!

Lot Type: Residential  333,717 S    Lot30×30   3Toilets    3Bedrooms



♡ Altogether, a family home on three floors. Top one for children and teens with a fun balcony for them. On the middle floor you can find the main en-suite bedroom, a toddler room next door with its own bathroom and a CHILL terrace. Also, down stairs has an open plan kitchen leading to two different gardens and a barbecue area next to the pool. Enjoy !

Lot Type: Residential  314,019 S    Lot30×30   3Toilets    3Bedrooms


Luxury small 20x15 cabin.

Small Lot #20x15 in the quiet residential charm of Wakabamori. For a small or big family 6 beds in total, cosy living room and a charming kitchen. Bedrooms are spacious and you also have outside space to chill out. Enjoy! my friends

Already on my Gallery,  Lot Type: Residential   111,913 S    Lot  20×15  2Toilets    3Bedrooms



Now the Summer is here I decided to make you a house by the sea. Kitchen open to the main terrace, private and elevated so you and your sims can enjoy the sea views and the sunset. Spacious bedrooms separate office and a basement for your hobbies and workouts. I chose the right crops so you can develop Flower Arranging Skill. Enjoy!

Already on my Gallery,  Lot Type: Residential  350,059 S    Lot  30×20  2Toilets    3Bedrooms

sims 4 homes by eevam


♡ Welcome dear friends to my first Tiny Pack creation until now. I managed to make space for 6 Sims to live in this Tiny Home. What I like most of this 'Pack', in the game, is that the house is so small that you can have extra space for more in the garden. So, for that reason I included plenty of crops at the back outside, as well as potions for your Sims, so they can have a good start.♡ ♪♬ Enjoy my friends!

Lot Type: Residential  144,080 S    Lot30×20   1Toilets    3Bedrooms

lot design by eevam

EMPTY design No42

Enjoy this Modern Home my friends.♡ When you place it, if you want the Lights and Toilets press Furnished. Not only is it empty, so you can decorate to your taste but it is also in a small lot, and so you can always increase the size of the garden. Happy Simming! ♡

This time, lot Type: Residential    104,661  S    Lot30×20 3Toilets   3Bedrooms

lot design by eevam

Lot .Secluded for 7 Sims + 1.

♡ Built and inspired by 'Brindleton Bay' that is, all the space is used to the best advantage. Very Spacious house with a separate kitchen ♡ Four bedrooms one of them with a sleeping pod ♡ Watch in YouTube ♪♬ Enjoy!

Another lot Type: Residential    271,888  S    Lot30×20 3Toilets    4Bedrooms

sims 4 eevam

Slick Log Cabin Retreat

♡ An exclusive and luxurious wood home for a couple or small family. This is the biggest lot in the game 64x64 in 'Windemburg', but if you only want the house you can place it in 30x20 without losing walls. Altogether modern style with an open plan living with a separate gym room in the basement and a games room with an office. Different outdoor settings like a fire pit, bar and a deck to enjoy the views.

Lot Type: Residential  413,029 S    Lot64×64   2Toilets    2Bedrooms

Sim file share

Tips to consider the design of your house for your household. Sims 4 homes.

For instance, there are three main hot-spots in every lot;  the structure of the house, the interior decoration and the garden.  Because, functional design increases the ease of everyday living, it also promotes a sense of calm, consequently making your game easier to play. 

Meanwhile, a cosy corner set aside to enjoy whatever helps your Sims to relax.  Perhaps, by the window you can enjoy old-fashioned habits, like soaking in the bath; as well as reading or having breakfast outside on the terrace.

Furthermore, I try to give you a stylish landscaped garden as an extension of your living space.  And also, glamorous gardens with a touch of opulence hold the entire creation together.  In other words, having outdoor areas that feel like rooms.  

Join me on my Journey.

Overall , I enjoy the process of spending time to achieve a natural look, easy and functional.  With this intention,  all my houses have been occupied as well as walked through by a Sim in order to get to know the space.  Ultimately, this makes sure that everything is working properly.  Certainly, I want to give you a smooth flow.

Above all, these Sims 4 homes are all exclusive premium creations from a game player builder.   

In the same way, and as an example, I like to have the kitchens situated near to the garden area, it is very practical that way.  Again, gardens are also accessible from the front entrance, in some cases. 

Whenever you download my lots you can always add your own personal touch to these homes.  Surely, let me know what do you think and how are you doing. 

Go after your top empty dream sims 4 homes.

In addition, you can check out my empty houses too, this time you can decorate them as you like.  Additionally, you can also download from ‘Sim File Share’ no cc paintings to decorate them. 

Firstly, an extensive peek at houses especially created for you to have fun decorating, as well as allowing your Sims to live in them; either if you play yourself or if you opt for free play.  Secondly, choose where your living room will go, choose how many bedrooms you need or how many toilets you prefer to have in their interiors.

Finally, please do enjoy!


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