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And so, the Adventure Begins.

Reveal and walk through gorgeous houses and gardens.

Altogether, Sims4 Empty and Fully Decorated Homes by eevam.  So, enrich your game using these wonderful homes on this website.  

Awesome empty homes that are a blank canvas for you, along with fully decorated houses.  

For example, all the lights are provided in and out, together with complete gardens, pools and fun places.

Please Sims 4! Give me more. I want it all!”

The secret ingredient is always

Likewise, you can find everything you came here for.  Not only spacious rooms  but also fully functional gardens with crops, love potions (decorated homes only), and more!

Reference paintings too, all provided by my Sim painter, on hand at Sims4 empty and fully Decorated Homes.  After that, if you wish, you can come and have a look at my site for more creations or have a peek at some of my paintings.   Of course, I provide them through my Sim painter’s work in game.  Feel free to browse.


In addition, indulge yourself with these electrifying creations at Sims 4 Valentine and Christmas paintings  no cc Origin ID: eevamM

sims 4 nocc

Grab them! All Gorgeous!

no cc by EevamM

Certainly, all my work is no custom content, here at Sims4 Empty and fully Decorated Homes by me.  Moreover, come and visit me any time at my Origin ID: eevam 

Enjoy and Happy gaming sims 4 everyone ♡

Sims 4 Gallery

Go after your Top dream home.

However, if you would like to move straight into a fully decorated home in your game where all is done for you, with a combination of design and comfort, that is not a problem. 

 Further, later on this page I will show you screenshots close up.  Shortly, come and see the interiors, gardens and back yards from these screenshots plus extra paintings.

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Especially, Stay tuned and receive updates

Similarly, my Christmas Boxes in eevamM EA Origin site specialises in the supply of festive and children’s paintings. 

Both an extra large selection of colourful and happy images for your decor in your houses.

Best Sims 4 Paintings by Eevam
sims4 empty and fully decorated homes

In short, enjoyable display homes by eevam with glamorous rooms and a romantic feeling.  

See how to make your game Sims 4 feel like real life. 

Welcome to my first Video! Today I am showing you my top tips on this Modern House.  

So, read more about my work on YouTubeChannel.

YouTube videos by eevam

Tips to consider, creating fully decorated houses.

For instance, there are three main hot-spots in every lot; the structure of the house , the interior decoration and the garden.  

Meanwhile, a cosy corner set aside to enjoy whatever helps your sims to relax.  Perhaps, by the window you can enjoy old-fashioned habits like soaking in the bath as well as reading or having breakfast outside on the terrace, with gardens and pools.  

sims4 empty and fully decorated homes

Mini Starter

sims4 empty and fully decorated homes

7 Tips

sims4 empty and fully decorated homes

Sea-side Paradise

sims4 empty and fully decorated homes

Mini Starter

I am devoted to deliverING the finest possible designs.

Check out this screenshot collection for the Sims 4.

Come and go through my Sims 4 Homes Gallery.  Here you can find just a few screenshots showing my homes‘s interiors. In addition, find generous buildings designed with lovely, exuberant gardens, pools and terraces.  For that reason, Inside Sims 4 Homes Gallery, remember to keep an eye out for beautiful and cosy rooms where your sims’ children and pets can enjoy the interior, and also play in the lovely outdoors.

Choose your favourite screen capture.

For example, inside Sims 4 Homes Gallery each home has a different design. In particular, decoration has been carefully crafted as a result of wanting you to have the best.  All these rooms, reference paintings by me  and more in my Origin account Gallery Maxis @ e e v a m    LINK EA   created with care and love

Be inspired and make your own style.

Following, as an alternative to these lovely rooms, I dare you to make a complete transformation.  That is, you create your own style.  Visit some of my top empty homes, because, I created them for you guys so you can establish your own taste.  Gardens and outside work, with pools and terraces, are all done for you.  As well as the inside lights and toilets, again screenshots provided to have a better perception.  

In other words, Sims 4 houses totally empty for you, in fact with a little indication where kitchens perhaps can go. Most importantly, complete with flooring and wall paints, all these are empty homes by eevam.  You can use some of my pics to decorate as well, if you wish.

Venture to explore more exciting discoveries!

In addition, place my beautiful Christmas and Valentine pics anywhere around your homes or decorate extravagantly your own Sims houses.  Similarly, read about my YouTube Channel that was created to give you an insight of my work process.  After that, I wish very happy gaming to all my friends and followers.  Enjoy!
Thank you all.

Surely, The Sims 4 at SEA BREEZE

Ground Floor

The Sims 4 house

First Floor

The Sims 4 plan


The Sims 4 cute

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No cc Paintings

Beautiful and delicate paintings full of colour. Certainly, art in game has to be as good as in real live.

Empty Homes

Choose where your living room will go. Also, choose how many bedrooms you need or...

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Following, a selection of videos to watch and an insight into the process.

Desing and layout

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