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SAND KISSED a Beach Home

Sand Kissed at The Sims 4 by eevam,


Charming Home 30×20 Lot with Pool.

So, have you ever wondered what is exciting about Windenburg?

In essence, Sand Kissed is a dream home, a peaceful refuge by the beach at The Sims 4 by eevam.  Most important, explore inside and enjoy dear Simmers.

at sims 4 by Eevam sand kissed
Indeed, Sims 4 Homes by Eevam. Including exclusive colourful art.
The Sims 4 eevam

Enjoy in all weathers!

In essence, this home, SAND-KISSED Link Ea is calm and comfortable.  For instance, the interiors are light and bright, with an addition here and there of warm and dark wood. 

Indoor and outdoor fun at sims 4,

That is to say, perfect for a small family or two couples, becoming one of the most popular at Sims 4 by eevam.  Feel free to add any other decoration or more paintings.

The Sims 4

Windenburg at sims 4 by Eevam. Enjoy!

I like my houses to have an abundance of greenery and flower beds.  However, in this case, as the beach is just a minute away, salad and herbs are easy to grow in limited, even temporary spaces.

Certainly, the result is a house that appears to blend in with its surroundings and encourages indoor and outdoor entertaining.  Terraces are open out to the elements, and truly complement the environment.

In addition, Large Living Room, Music Room and Snug. 

Likewise, for more paintings see my page no cc paintings

The Sims 4 no cc
The Sims 4 eevam

Inside description.

Firstly, from the entrance, one vista opens to a large lounge and the other to a stylish kitchen in a purple tone.

A series of rooms linked by balanced openings give the illusion of an open-plan space, even though each area has a clearly defined role, from cooking to formal sitting room.  The coloured wood path inside this home draws each room together.

Fall in love with the high ceilings, large windows and the generous proportions of the rooms.

Secondly, the one sticking point, I felt, was choosing the right place for an office downstairs, possibly a good idea, hidden, separate and under the stairs.  In addition, this would be a lovely, bright space in which to work. The solution is to allow you to change the upstairs formal office into a second bedroom. In case you need to switch things around.  This home looks great at The Sims 4.

at sims 4 by Eevam sand kissed
Office or Second Bedroom Sims 4 Homes by Eevam

Above all, throughout the house, I kept the accessories to a minimum.  Feel free to give your personal touch. I love to put plenty of perks, pictures the sims 4 from eevam and candles.  In addition, all my homes have plenty of lights which I like to make very small, almost unnoticeable.  That is the way I am.

Similarly, upstairs in this house, you can find two large rooms front and back, which were treated in a similar way.  Likewise, characterful windows, leading to gorgeous terraces.

Following, More to see inside

Now it is your turn!

In conclusion, I enjoyed building and decorating this home, beaches at Windenburg are wonderful, especilly my Sims enjoyed using this house.  Subsequently, letting my sims live in it and experiencing a relaxing life in a home by the sea.

In short, go back to home page or browse for more whether you are looking for LOTS  like this one or for more paintings to decorate your own.

SAND KISSED floor plan

Ground Floor

The Sims 4

First Floor

The Sims 4

A close up inside and out!

To emphasize, I am devoted to delivering the finest possible designs.
The Sims 4

Front Entrance

The Sims 4

Main Bathroom

sand kissed at sims 4 by Eevam

Top Back Terrace

The Sims 4

Top Front Terrace

The Sims 4 by eevam

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Simmer friend

Speechless…really really really overwhelmingly creative and well executed. Cheers.


Simmer friend

WOW Eva – what are you doing? One house is more beautiful than the other – LOL! Good work! fav ♥


Simmer friend

Great job ! Original with beautiful harmonies. ♥♥♥

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