Mini starter for the sims 4 gallery.

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Mini starter, it’s mini but not a starter, now at the sims 4 gallery in case you want it in your game.


Mini Starter

Inspiration comes from real world for this Mini starter.

As an illustration, when I started thinking about Mini starter autumn was approaching at home as well as in my game, sims 4.  At this point, I felt a bit of nostalgia for summer already.

In essence, I wanted to create a small house, Mini starter, with a huge open terrace like a high up ‘mirador’ by the front door.

An outdoor room to enjoy the views.

That is to say, imagine being on a deck with your garden at your feet watching your sims 4 neighbours pass by and your front garden filled with those autumnal colours.  Without a doubt winter is approaching and your Sims still have time to enjoy a little more sun sitting and relaxing at your entrance deck.

Before I thought that 20×20 was the smallest lot at the sims 4, ha ha…don’t laugh at me, later a friend told me that there are 20×15 lots as well and certainly they were the smallest.  For this reason, I will consider challenging myself for an even smaller house in the future.  

To summarize and as shown above that was my inspiration for this home, Mini starter, a deck ‘to look from’ placed at the front, surrounded by autumnal colours and a manageable lot for a small family or a couple.

Mini starter

20×15 It’s the smallest! And as a matter of fact a 20×15 It’s already in my gallery Origin ID: eevam or you can also download the tray files here.

Open plan kitchen and a very spacious living room, modern, stylish and practical.  All in all Mini starter.

Mini Starter

Small but plenty to look at inside and out!

Because it is a small home this time it has only one bathroom but still has two bedrooms each one with it’s own terrace.

Modern and slick furniture with an open plan kitchen.  Mini starter is generally perfect for a couple or young family.

Significantly, the sculptural staircase is becoming the must-have detail in the sims 4, with this new update, it’s a celebration! Indeed, the twisted staircase is creating a sense of movement.

A few tricks like minimizing lights are used to make the most of the available space and because it looks nicer in this Mini starter.  Strong colours for the inside decoration are chosen to bring character and strength, giving you a taste of luxury to a very simple and functional design, no matter how small.

Evidently, all this sits against an intense black wall provided by ‘Get Famous’ pack, giving you a spectacular backdrop for the purple soft fabric of the curtains downstairs.  In addition, lots of mirrors are used to reflect light and open up the space.

Super fabulous update reflected is this Mini starter!

For me the most loved items at the sims 4 at the moment are the twisted staircase and the clear roof, each of them are celebrated in this sweet small home Mini starter.  Later, clear roofs combined with ordinary roofs will create a sense of drama and a striking feature for this creation.

Watch this Mini starter home being built at YouTube, following this link here, and let me know your thoughts.  Have a sensational experience at your game in the sims 4 with this creation.

Also, here it is the file to Download Mini starter 20×20 lot.

Once you have downloaded your file, open the zip file, copy and paste in Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Tray .

In detail, the roof view the sims 4
In detail, the roof view
mini starter
Ground floor
the sims 4 by eevam
Also, first floor view from above


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