Hello Everyone, This Is About Me.

Welcome, hello everyone, my name is Eva. 

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My friends,

Of course, I studied and worked in Spain on product design.  Therefore, I am always very keen on detail.  Additionally, I am currently living in England and working as a landscape designer.  Most importantly, I have always had a passion for architecture.


What I am interested in.

Especially, I found the Sims 4 building program very cool and fun to work with.  So, I started building homes for Sims as a hobby.  Come and see my  houses  and creations at the Gallery EA.  Certainly,  every one of my homes is different and unique, you can call me by my name if you like.  Equally important, you also can find  empty houses  for you to decorate, my friends.  Likewise, an exclusive design with a functional layout to give you an easy flow, as well as plenty of light and airy rooms.

In addition, I also introduce into the game some  paintings, imported by my Sim-artist, so you, my friends, can give your Sim’s homes and rooms extra colour and sophistication.  Particularly, these paintings are originally from  P i n t e r e s t, some famous and some not, but equally beautiful.  Also, I take this opportunity to thank all those amazing artists.  Surely, I admire them very much, such extraordinary creativity.  In essence, their art is  an inspiration  to all of us.

Moreover, it is fantastic how a painting can change the karma of a room.  Later on I would like to make a post or a mention with some of my friends’ rooms.  Not only because they use my  work I provide  but also because they do a wonderful job.  

In addition, in this case I invite you to check out  my first post.

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Hello everyone, eevam

At this instant, Empty Home. Until ...

You decorate to your taste.

Where to find me.

Altogether, I invite you to come and explore my EA Gallery in Sims 4, specially if you are into The Sims Game.

Therefore, @ Eevam  is my first Origin ID, it’s probably two years old, if you visit me, you can find a little bit of everything.  Not only you will see houses but also paintings and even Sims.

Equally important,  @ EevamM  is my second Origin ID  and is where I store paintings, as well as  Christmas pics  that are not shown in my previous account anymore.

To this end, thank you for visiting, my friends.

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“Hello everyone and Thank you for standing by my side when times get hard, thank you for making me laugh when I didn't even want to smile”

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