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The Sims 4 cute


This fun house, to illustrate, has a long and narrow indoor pool at its heart. Spacious living room with a separate kitchen. Following a BBQ terrace on the top floor and a games room in the basement.

The Sims 4 kitchen


Get a vintage feel in this open-plan kitchen. Of course, a family home on two floors, separate kitchen, then a separate office, and so, main ensuite bedroom upstairs. Moreover, the attic is a games room to chill out.

The Sims 4 lovely


"Topiary House" is certainly a traditional style home with two bedrooms and an open plan living. In addition, it has a cool GYM room in the gazebo. And, a huge pool at the basement.

Drawn to the beauty lot.

Exquisite homes and interiors by eevam for you and for your Sims, my friends. Above all, enjoy your game in these beautiful lots. All are polished and homely households. Likewise, you can find here a selection of my homes but in order to see all of them you have to visit my EA Gallery.  In some cases, a perfect fusion of old-meets new throughout my creations. However, my designs are strongly influenced by colour, texture and pattern found in traditional and contemporary living. 

Check them out at  “The Sims 4 Official EA Gallery”  or learn about me.

Gorgeous Creations for you and for your Sims. #Always

"Star" treatment at The Sims 4 decorated creations

Above all, theses are all exclusive premium decorated homes with wonderful and exquisite interiors for your sims from a game player builder.

the Sims 4 love


Overall , I enjoy the process of spending time to achieve a natural look, easy and functional.  Of course,  all my houses have been occupied in order to get to know the space, making sure that everything it’s working properly.

& stylish

Certainly, I want to give you a smooth flow in all my houses, Origin ID: Eevam.  Come and visit me at “The Sims 4” by eevam.

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Tips to consider on creating a home for your household.

For instance, there are three main hot-spots in every lot; the structure of the house , the interior decoration and the garden.  Meanwhile, a cosy corner set aside to enjoy whatever helps your sims to relax.

Perhaps, by the window you can enjoy old-fashioned habits like soaking in the bath as well as reading or having breakfast outside on the terrace.

Besides, glamorous gardens with a touch of opulence hold the entire creation together.

creations by eevam

Salty Blue

creations by eevam

Home for a Gardener

creations by eevam

Love for Two

creations by eevam


Particularly "Have Fun"

A touch OF SUN for your Sims.

Further, I like to have the kitchens situated near to the garden area, which is also accessible from the front entrance.

That is to say, I try to give you a stylish landscaped garden as an extension of your living space.  In other words, having outdoor areas that feel like rooms.  Because, functional design increases the ease of everyday living, it also promotes a sense of calm.

In addition, you can check out my empty homes too, you can decorate them as you like.  Surely, let me know what do you think and how are you doing.  Also, you can check out my no custom paintings to give your rooms more colour and texture.  After that, enjoy adding your own personal touch to these lovely homes.



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Get the real bargain.

Particularly, decorate and complement your Sims homes with extra colour, bold shapes and natural drawings. For example, use these lovely creations provided here PAINTINGS.

Floor plan gallery

eevam Maxis
eevam Maxis

Hipster hangout for your sims.

Most importantly, all the interiors I made for The Sims 4 have been designed specially for you and your Sims.  Find them inside my homes in @ eevam Origin ID, as well as reference paintings.   Indeed, exquisite interiors for your Sims, their families and their friends.  Of course, you can see them a bit more closer from screen shots at decorated homes from this website, together you can have a good idea of my style.

More than that, enjoy beautifully decorated sims homes.  Comfortable, luxurious interiors and sexy Valentine along with cute children and Christmas paintings for you “my friends” and “followers”.  Therefore, I am very happy to provide you with beautiful stuff.

So, complete your deluxe look, and enjoy. After that, happy simming to all my friends.
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“you gotta have #fun.”

Read about my work at YouTube

The Sims 4 Gallery


Art & design, exquisite interiors for your Sims.

For instance, once you have the building structure and get started on decorating, first thing I normally do is decide which colour skim to use.  Afterwards, unique paintings inspire me in the task, repeating colour and textures around the room.  In detail, I’m constantly swapping pictures depending on my mood and house style, modern or traditional.

Certainly, I am devoted to delivering the finest possible designs.
eevam Maxis


eevam Maxis

Rainbow Goggles

eevam Maxis

Mini Starter

eevam Maxis

Luminous Mist

Get your home!

Moreover, be able to live and play in these rooms from Exquisite Interiors for your sims’ families, come and visit any of my houses or my paintings at The Gallery at Origin ID: e e v a m Sims 4, each home is made with Love ♡.  For example, Like one of my homes called “Sand-Kissed “A gorgeous home at the beach”.

Love it! ♥♥♥ The front plantings reminds me of my grams full one acre of tulips of all colors! A riot of color!♥♥♥
♥♥♥Gorgeous home! ♥Beautifully designed. The pools with the trees are just stunning ♥
♥Very beautiful home, the sight from front and back of the house is super! And sooo beautifully furnished!♥♥♥


Additionally, decorate your charming interiors for your sims’ households with MORE PAINTINGS IN A BOX

Also, get your own empty home and fill it with gorgeous paintings.

AT THIS POINT, Stay Tuned and Receive Updates

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No cc Paintings

Beautiful and delicate paintings full of colour. Certainly, art in game has to be as good as in real live.

Empty Homes

Choose where your living room will go. Also, choose how many bedrooms you need or...

YouTube videos Tutorials

Following, a selection of videos to watch and an insight into the process.

Decorated Homes

Homes in your game where all is done for you. That is, with a combination of design and comfort.

eevam Pics

On balance, the best possible quality paintings for your rooms and homes.

Maxis Curated EA

Not only I thank Maxis, but also to all my friends ♡

Not only this creation is calm and comfortable but also modern and slick………

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