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Hi everyone, thanks for checking out my posts about sims 4!

I’m Eva and I’m sharing my Sims 4 building process here. You might know me as eevam.

sims 4, eevam sharing my building experience.

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Mini Starter

Mini Starter

In essence, I wanted to create a small house with a huge open terrace like a high up 'mirador' by the front door. Because it is a small home this time it has only one bathroom but still has two bedrooms each one with it's own terrace. Furthermore, it has modern and slick furniture with an open plan kitchen. Above all, this home is perfect for a couple or young family.

A few tricks like minimizing lights are used to make the most of the available space and because it looks nicer in this compact home.  Strong colours for the inside decoration are chosen to bring character and strength, giving you a taste of luxury to a very simple and functional design.

The Sims 4 eevam

Sand Kissed

Certainly, 'Sand Kissed' is a house that appears to blend in with its surroundings and encourages indoor and outdoor entertaining. Terraces are open to the elements, and truly complement the environment. From the entrance, one view opens to a large lounge and the other to a stylish kitchen in a purple tone.  A series of rooms linked by balanced openings give the illusion of an open-plan space, even though each area has a clearly defined role, from cooking to formal sitting room.

Fall in love with the high ceilings, large windows and the generous proportions of the rooms.  The coloured wood path inside this home draws each room together.  Similarly, upstairs in this house, you can find two large rooms front and back, which were treated in a similar way.

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