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Look deep into the Sims’ nature, and you will understand everything better.

You will find houses, paintings, and Sims at #eevam or #eevamM at EA Gallery Sims 4, all free and inspired by the beautiful Sim world.

Additionally, in this portfolio there are some images of my work at the Sims 4. Indeed, you can browse and choose creations free to download for your game.


Extra content: Decorate your rooms for your Sims with free paintings.

I offer you a wide range of paintings from two different accounts from the EA Official Gallery.


Content creation: my houses for your Sims.

Whether your want a space for entertaining or a place to relax, my latest collection of home design ideas will have something for you.

Contact, Sims Gallery


What People Are Saying

“You know how they say to leave the best for last.. Well I started near the top of my downloads with you and have been working backwards..

and so I couldn’t leave off today without checking out one of the builds I wanted to look at. Your Mother Nature skills have such a great relationship to the style you are building on. I am so excited about the new concepts in design here.”

It is great having comments like this!

“Wait no, I have to admire the bambooesque front entry. I went straight for the lower floor before I got stopped again.. ROTF.. An incredible spot for entertaining. Using the lights and leaves the view unobstructed and no friendly pile ups. And you are featuring some of my Fav artists here.

Are those drinks for mwah? FUN!..Inspiration at its finest, the back to front fireplace. WOW!

“Thrilled with the back decking and a real + using the light strips to create the four point focal lights. The floating pergola in the back lets great shadows play off the white floor just so. OH MY WOW, TRI FOLDING DOORS. Gold star You!

“The outdoor kitchen, and the cooking and prep station Really are admirable touches, then again, I am sure if I can get past the dappled pools & fire jars, I will love the interior. Lol. .

Equally, “Three social spaces and seating for 15!! Make that 17, I just saw around the front entrance inside. Lmao. More of my Fav artist. Smidge of details to give the place that lived I look. Also, the step windows are a great way to lead the eye to the kitchen.

“One word. Smashing dining area. LOVE signature window piece. And yes Virginia there is an upstairs..

SevernFyre. From US

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