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What I can offer

I provide funcional and stylish creations for your game The Sims 4

No cc Paintings

Beautiful and delicate paintings sims 4 creations full of colour. Certainly, art in game has to be as good as in real live.

Empty Homes

Choose where your living room will go. Also, choose how many bedrooms you need or...

YouTube videos Tutorials

Following, a selection of videos to watch and an insight into the process.

Desing and Layout

Meanwhile, read about my work coming from a game player builder.

Decorated Homes

Equally, homes in your game where all is done for you, with a combination of design and comfort.

Maxis Curated EA

Not only I thank Maxis, but also to all my friends ♡

The Sims 4 Creations for your Game by eevam

Your Dream Home is Here

The Sims 4 Creations for your Game and altogether with extra information about Gallery Poses too.

Fully Decorated Creations

Certainly, go after your dream home.  In essence these houses surely are integrated into the surrounding landscape together with the enviroment.  

The Sims 4
sims4 empty and fully decorated homes

About me and my Channel

Relatively new to me, but equally important is my YouTube Channel.  I want you to now more about it  and with this porpose in mind, I wrote this page.  So, this will show you in more detail my steps into making a video. 

Art in Game with Paintings

Because it enriches your game experience, these paintings, either for your homes or your rooms, are fabulous.  Enjoy having some extra colour, your creations will look beautiful mixed with these or any pics.  Until now, all are no cc. 

Sims 4 gallery by eevam
sims4 empty and fully decorated homes

Guess What!

Of course, you have a wonderful choice of empty houses including fully grown gardens on each one.  Therefore, these creations are both a dream home and a challenge for you to take.  Altogether, with screenshots and floor plans not only to ensure your choice but also to see what is available at the moment.

A bonus Painting account

As an ilustration, beautiful wall pieces working in harmony with your rooms as well as adding some texture to your walls.  After that, how eevamM account became available at the present time.

eevamm sims4

Dream Home Creations

The Best Experience Ever

"This Sims 4 Speed Build tutorial will show you how I create in Stop Motion this home 30x30 at NewCrest, including two tours at Sim eye level around the house." A home where your grown-up Sims children could also have their own space.
logo eevam
Eva Maria
Home Creator

The Sims 4 Platform

 This website will not be complete without this section.  That is to say, households are a very important part of our game.  I would love and be honored to list some of my favourite pose-makers.  This time, a selection of Gallery Poses that you can use yourself in your own Gallery to upload your Sims to the Community. WORKING ON IT AND COMING SOON……2020

The Sims 4 Gallery Poses
The Gallery Poses
Coming soon
The Sims 4 kitchen

Join me on my Journey

Similarly, I enjoy making my houses with a practical and an easy layout.  Not only to help your household find their way arround but also for you to master the space available.  Above all, I like creating homes that have a warm and cosy atmosphere, together complete with some room screenshots.

"Home isn't a place, it's a feeling"

The Sims 4 eevam
"Of course, this is my First Post ever, on this occasion I chose "Sand-Kissed" because it's a Lovely Fully Decorated Home. Not only is it compact, but also easy to play in, for you and your Sims. "
Both from Your Simmer Builder and your Friend

The Sims 4 Creations Close up!

Revealing The Building Process

Additionally, these are posts from my other website http://www.eevam.gallery, where both I’m sharing my Sims 4 building process and complementing my YouTube Videos. 

Be aware that if you click any link in this section you will be sent to a different website |www.eevam.gallery|

Rainbow Goggles

LOT 30 X 30

Firstly, this home was built in NewCrest.  ‘Rainbow Goggles’ is both modern looking and stylish in essence to blend in with its surroundings. Specifically, it has a variety of practical entertaining zones, at the same time in which to relax, eat and…READ MORE

Beach-side Paradise

LOT 30 X 20

Secondly, this other home not only has a holiday feeling but also has a functional design. “Paradise” is basically one house split in different sections, it operates on multiple levels. As well as this, it gives you the opportunity to enjoy the views from many different terraces and balconies.  Sulani’s homes are open to nature as is this one, therefore adding a valuable outdoor…READ MORE

Mini Starter LOT

LOT 20 X 20

After that, this is a lovely home with a contemporary feel.  When I started thinking about Mini Starter, on this occasion, autumn was approaching at home as well as in my game The Sims 4.  Soon, I felt a bit of nostalgia for summer already.  So, I wanted to create a small house with a huge…READ MORE

Empty Family Home 107

LOT 40 X 30
Finally, something different because this house it’s empty, compared to my other lots.  In fact, this is one of several homes I have been creating last year 2019 for you to decorate inside, and with this intention, gardens and outside terraces have been all done for you.

To be sure, I understand that some times you want to use your own stuff from…READ MORE

Topiary House, Interiors and floor plan.

Because this house is so popular, I thought I would show you the inside with a floor plan screenshot, followed by a little description.

Ground Floor

The Sims 4 by eevam

First Floor

The Sims 4 eevam


The Sims 4
The Sims 4 lovely
Topiary House .§ 258,721 Simoleons. Lot 30 x 20

Altogether, “Topiary House” is a traditional style home with classic details that include white wood cladding outside and a bespoke gazebo that fits the space perfectly.  Following both an adorable and cute kitchen is a spacious living room with a neutral colour scheme.  There is a little entrance hall and a gorgeous chimney corner providing the room’s focal point.  In addition, there are two spacious bedrooms with en-suite upstairs and a landing.  Altogether, it gives you a feeling of being cosy.

Since the outside porch surrounds the house, it leads you towards the small garden and towards the gazebo where there is a GYM for the whole household.  Eventually, you arrive downstairs in the basement where you find a huge pool, music and bar room.       Instant LINK EA Gallery

In addition, The Sims 4 Creations comments from Topiary House.
This is so BEAUTIFUL, Eva!!! I LOVE this style home!!! You are so creative and AWESOME!!! DL'd and FAV!!:))
Friend Simmer
wowie cool home♥=)))well done in creative design ♥fave=))))
Friend Simmer
Wonderful, very beautiful home ♥ Stunning insite and out! Amazing work ♥♥♥
Friend Simmer
Not only do I thank you for your beautiful comments but also to all my friends.

What friends Simmers say

Thank you very much dear Friends for all your lovely ♡♥♡Comments♡♥♡.



"Inspiration at its finest, the back to front fireplace. WOW. Three social spaces and seating for 15!! Make that 17, I just saw around the front entrance inside. Lmao. More of my Fav artist. Smidge of details to give the place that lived I look.."

Juupo 45

Juupo 45

Hi my name is Elisa♡Pose Maker

"omg yesyesyes♥♥♥ i'm always so happy to see more new buildings from you Eva♥♥♥fav&DL♥."

Glovely 1

Glovely 1

Hi my name is Lisa♡Pose Maker

"you're builds are some of my very favorite homes to live in sweet Eva :D thank you for taking so much time & giving so much love to them ♥♥♥."




"Una maravilla Eva, ♥♥♥ como siempre un perfecto trabajo :)"




" Me encanta en diseño moderno tipo cubo de la casa y las cristaleras, haces una casas impresionantes! ;) La piscina y el patio precioso:) "




"Beautiful home sweety. I love the way you matched the colors and stuff. The outdoor decor is fantastic."


Fully Decorated

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